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November 16, 2018

Welcoming Howard #TrusteesWeek

Before Trustees Week comes to an end, we thought we’d introduce you to Howard, the newest member of Visibility’s board of trustees...

“Born in the North of England, I came to Scotland in 1972 and spent most of my working life here in Glasgow doing medical research in Virology. I have always enjoyed outdoor pursuits: walking, climbing, skiing and sailing. Scotland is a wonderful place for those activities with beautiful hills and an outstanding coastal cruising area.

Immediately after my stroke I experienced a sense of despair as I attempted to go about the things I needed to do. Quite fortuitously I came across Visibility and within 2 weeks was being instructed in the new skill of scanning and in the strategies for moving around, which were going help compensate for my eyesight loss. I cannot overestimate how therapeutic this was for me: the first time I tried to negotiate the centre of Glasgow was really scary, but now I’m much more confident that I can get around without bumping into people or getting myself killed.

As a trustee for Visibility, I want to see how best I can help ensure that there are trained practitioners to meet and help people with vision-loss, to provide the initial skilling and caring input to enable them cope with their loss. I also have fundraising skills, acquired throughout my career and hobbies, that might be useful!”

We’re thrilled to welcome Howard to the team, and want to take this opportunity to say thank you to him and the rest of our wonderful trustees; Arlene, Neil, Sarah, Shivani and Stuart who all dedicate their time, skills and knowledge to support Visibility.

Picture below shows Howard smiling while out walking in front of some rocky hills and a river.