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July 29, 2018

"Sound is my Guide, The Visualisation of Life & Machine."

Take a visit to The Old Hairdressers in Glasgow today and tomorrow (30th/31st of July) from 1pm for a fascinating exhibition, by soundscape artist David Crossan, called "Sound is my Guide, The Visualisation of Life & Machine."

David explains more about the exhibition on his website...
"Exploring the interaction of visually impaired individuals such of myself with technology, through the medium of soundscapes installations, like a painter with his brush strokes working with colour, I create sensory scenes with words, purposeful pauses and sound. My soundscapes, exploring the interaction with the environment as well as technology, focus on virtual assistance of the likes of Alexa, the Google assistant, and Apple’s Siri. Another of my pieces shows my interaction with Alexa and some of the tasks that she can perform, called ‘Electric Mind’ while the other works shows how Apples assistant Siri works with various iPhone apps that aid the visual impaired."

This is an exhibition is open to anyone and will definitely appeal to those with an interest in digital technology, so make sure you pop in today or tomorrow to experience David's soundscapes, poetry and more. You can contact the venue for further info about the exhibition on 0141 2489558 (office) or 0141 2222254 (bar) and you can also contact David about his work via his website