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October 31, 2017

'Doon the Watter' to the Maritime Museum

Today we went doon the watter (or rather doon on the train) to the Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine to chat to their team about making their exhibitions more accessible. 

The group were given a fascinating tour of the building itself, and the exhibits and artwork on display. We all really enjoyed learning about the history of shipbuilding and how the items in the museum were selected and brought together, as many of the ships were originally Glasgow built, or from as far north as Orkney. 

If you have any ideas on how to make the museum more accessible for people with visual impairments, just let us know on 0141 3324632 or contact Fiona at the maritime museum directly, they would love to hear your ideas and add them to the list of suggestions our group gave them today!

Image of Sarah Quinn
Written by
Sarah Quinn

Marketing and Community Fundraiser