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Sometimes it helps to speak to other people who have a similar experience to you because people who live with sight loss know better than anyone what makes a difference.

Our Information Line is open Monday to Friday from 9am - 4pm for advice and support. We also have services that are for specific conditions or situations. For example, if your sight has been affected by a stroke or head injury, find out about our Neuro Sight project.

If you are frightened of falling or have fallen, talk to us. If you have lost your central vision, speak to us about learning a different way to read through our New View project

If you want to be more involved with your community to help others make the world a better place for people who are living with sight loss, please get in touch with us. 

You can also download our handy leaflets below;


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Choosing and Using a Magnifier

Contrast, Lighting and Glare

Visual Hallucinations (Charles Bonnet Syndrome)

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