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OPALS gives Tam confidence getting out and about

Tam, who is in his 50’s, has glaucoma and his deteriorating sight found him slipping into a depression last year, which was having an impact on family life.

Tam’s remaining vision allows him to walk unaided, but he needs someone close by to check for sudden and random obstacles. His wife contacted us for help and we matched Tam with a guide through our OPALS project, so he could go out for a few hours each week while his wife had some time to herself.

Trips out varied from going to Gourock to the docking port to a walk along the beach via the shops. Our worker also gave Tam many practical tips, like using the cone on the underside of a pedestrian crossing light so he knows when it is safe to cross.  

After several outings, Tam’s spirits had really lifted and his confidence had really grown. Thanks to our input, Tam is much more comfortable about getting help from other people, which has taken the pressure away from his family and improved relationships as a result.

people affected by sight loss are supported by Visibility each year in the west of Scotland

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“I never realised how the traffic lights worked until I was matched with an OPALS guide. Now I feel more confident going out with other people.”