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We're more than a charity. We're a community.

At the heart of Visibility are people with sight loss; we help you be all you can be.

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You Can Be A Superhero!

Support our Superhero Appeal and help people like 9 year old Adam, who lost his sight after a stroke.

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A Diploma for David!

David graduates in style, with a diploma in Low Vision Rehabilitation.

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Whisky Galore

At our first Whisky Tasting Fundraising Night in Glasgow we raised a glass, and £1332.40!

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Meet Jessie

Jessie started to lose her central vision, and couldn't read her own mail. Then she heard about the New View project at Visibility where she learned a new technique to help her read again.

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Jessie reading a pad of paper with hyper-ocular glasses on, while Liz the tutor smiles at her

Meet Pat

Pat noticed her sight was deteriorating, so she visited our Resource Room to try out aids and equipment, until she found exactly what was right for her.

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Pat using an electronic magnifier